We're so glad you dropped by

Jesus is a game changer. The Bible says it. We’ve seen it. Knowing Jesus, leaning into Him, serving Him—you’ll never be the same.

Know Him already? We want to help you grow your faith in big ways. Not sure who He really is and what He’s about? We’d be honored to introduce you. Come on a Sunday morning and experience authentic, powerful worship and Bible teaching.

New? We'd love to meet you.

Each Sunday we get together as a church family to praise God for what He’s doing in our lives and to learn more about His plans for us. If you’ve ever wanted to see what it’s like when a whole community of people love Jesus together, we invite you to come by.

Sunday Services: 9 AM & 11 AM
What to Expect
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What’s a Bible Chapel? Sounds kind of stuffy and formal.

That’s definitely not the vibe here. On a typical Sunday at Harvest, you’ll see jeans, drum sets,  and people young and old worshiping in a relaxed environment.

What's the teaching like?

We like to open up the Bible and study it verse by verse. The teaching is deep but relatable, so you don’t have to be a Bible scholar to get how God’s Word applies to your life.

What if I’m not really sure about this Jesus guy?

You won’t know until you find out, right? We encourage anyone who’s curious about Jesus or wrestling with their faith to come. We’re here to help you learn and grow any way that we can.

What should I wear?

Chances are the pastor will be wearing jeans, and so will lots of other folks. But you’ll see plenty who dress up a little, too. Wear whatever you feel most comfortable in. The most important thing is to just show up.

We’re glad you’re planning a visit to Harvest. We’ve done our best to make it easy for you. The parking is ample and free. You’ll be greeted at the front door and we have volunteers and signs throughout the building to show you the way. There’s also an easy-to-find Information Desk if you need any assistance.

Families with Kids

Your kids will have so much fun here! During the adult services, babies, toddlers, and kids through grade 5 get to learn about God together and have a ball at Harvest Kids.